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Our research title

Measuring the value of Planck’s Constant with LEDS


Calculating Planck’s constant allows us to understand the behaviour of matter at subatomic level. It can help us learn more about how to describe black-body radiation, something that is very close to the radiation we receive from the sun. With that information, we could find out the amount of radiation we receive from the sun and find ways to lessen the radiation. We aim to use LED bulbs to calculate Planck’s constant by changing the amount of volts and milliamperes and using the results to plot a graph of current (mA) against voltage. Using these results, we would be able to find the activation voltage and use this information to find Planck's constant as accurately as possible, which is our goal. We aimed for an error margin of 10%. However, our results had a percentage error of 59%. We chose this topic as it gives us a chance to learn about something beyond our current syllabus and let us apply Planck's constant in a real world situation.

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